What is Ransomware?

Ransom is the money demanded by someone who possesses or controls an object or being of value, in exchange of releasing the control or freeing the object or person. 

Ransomware is malicious software that intends to control your PC / Mac / Mobile until you pay the desired ransom to the hijackers. The means of getting into the system are like always – clicking on wrong link in email or on the internet. Most people forget that the ‘tax department’, or any of the reputed companies would not send emails to you for lottery winnings or special offers. Most likely the links would make you download a file that’ll contain the Ransomware. Some people do get carried away seeing a large amount of money and inadvertently click on these links. Once Ransomware is installed on your machine/device, it begins to gain more power and since everything is connected, it propagates to other devices.

Ransomware has suddenly become a threat because it demands money without any fear. The software code will encrypt the data on your disk and you will need a password to decrypt the entire data. This password would be with the hijacker in this case, which should ideally be given to you in case you make the payment. 

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